About the Mob

Gypsy Mob started off as just a crew of 5 tight homies.
Jake Kuzyk
Jesse Walker
Anthony Hayward
Jody Wachniak
and Chris Saniuk
At the time we didn’t even have a name for ourselves. Just a crew of friends that had some SERIOUS love for snowboarding.
In 2004, we filmed and put out our first video called “Prairie Dawgs”
It consisted of parts by all 5 members as well as a part from close homie Andrew Geeves, and a friends section with some tight bros (Kevin Griffin, Drew Paytment, Andy Larkin)
A Year later we added a few more members to the crew.
Andrew Geeves
Kevin Griffin
Derek Molinski
and Josh Vaags
Our next project we named “Gypsy Mob” after we dropped the video we got lots of hype from friends and other shreds. So we decided to keep the name. had a certain ring. the GYPSY MOB.

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