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T-bar talk with Jody Wachniak



if you have yet you check the teaser out for the new SBC shred flick coming out, you really should.. the homie Jody Wachniak with the most gang shot in the teaser.

FootyFiend’s WHIPGAME

Gypsy Mob

this was our second video we ever made self titled “Gypsy Mob” circa winter 2006-2007 thanks to everyone that has believed in us come a long way.

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys from 8MILELIFE on Vimeo. check out the new 8 mile movie. “Boys Will Be Boys”

SBC’s “Relax” Video Shoot

If you haven’t seen SBC’s latest flick “Relax” you probably should! here is the ‘RELAX’ video shoot from Grouse Mountain.


If you haven’t already checked out the new Snowboard Canada video “Relax” nows your chance! Couple OG Gypsy’s! CLICK HERE

SBC Crew Challenge

Its the time of year again for the SBC Crew Challenge. Cause of all the support we all pumped out for 8Mile they one the all inclusive trip! now lets help them win again!!! you can vote everyday! This time the prize is 10,000$!!!1 so CLICK HERE and SUPPORT!

20 Tricks with Jody Wachniak at Camp of Camps


Peep out Jody Wachniak’s 5 Favorite boarders

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